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Why Sanctuary Title?


Attorney owned and operated – the knowledge, experience and training to navigate issues as they arise


Backing – Sanctuary is backed by Westcor, one the most creative and and modern underwriters in the country


Connected – well connected within the community with the best vendors for each unique circumstance


Continuity – the person running the file is the person closing the file


Communication – we make it a point to talk with everyone on the file, reducing stress and smoothing the process


Giving – Sanctuary not only donates time to local and national causes, it also donates funds from every settlement


Holistic – your file gets completed in-house, not sent different places where errors can occur


Security & Technology – the most advanced and secure cloud-based systems and physical security procedures to optimize efficiency and make it easy and safe for clients


We’ve got your back. Sanctuary proactively looks for issues and challenges that may arise and eradicates them before they become more serious.  

We are here for you.

Give us a call today. 

Things to Ask Your Prospective Title Company

Is an attorney reviewing my title?

Is an attorney handling my settlement?

Where does my file go after it's closed?

How long before my deed is recorded on public record?

What are your security procedures to protect my funds?

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